Message from THE VEER UNION

As many of you know by now, most bands are self funded without the financial support of a big record label and we happen to be one of those bands. The Veer Union has always been about creating music for the love of creating music first and foremost. Unfortunately at the end of our "EPIC EVOLUTION TOUR" we had another major financial set back with our most recent tour vehicle dying on us. For those who have followed us, know this has been a reoccurring theme. We are accepting any type of donation that you can afford to help us get a new tour vehicle. We are more than grateful for our fans continuous support and anyone who donates will receive a Mp3 download of our latest released track off our upcoming release of "Decade: History Of Our Evolution"; that will be available August 31 2018. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you all out on the road again September 2018!!


The Veer Union